The Best Hand Picked list of Opportunity Zone Investments.

Find a Qualified Opportunity Fund and take advantage of the new Opportunity Zone tax benefits.

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Defer Capital Gains

When you invest in a Qualified Opportunity Fund, you can defer capital gains until December 31, 2026 (or until you sell your investment, if earlier).

Reduce Tax Liability by 15%

Reinvest capital gains into Qualified Opportunity Funds before the end of 2019 and hold for a minimum of seven years to reduce your tax liability by up to 15%.

Pay No Tax on New Capital Gains

Hold your investment for at least 10 years in a Qualified Opportunity Fund and pay no tax on new capital gains generated from the investment.

Opportunity Zones

8,700 Opportunity Zones have been identified across the U.S., opening up major investment opportunities across the nation.

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